Meet the Stock Part 3

As many of you know I have recently been doing these little blogs just to show you the quality of the stock we have been adding to Lac du Coron. We have started from the smaller fish to show you that Lac du Coron is far more than just a big fish water. In my eyes catching 3 or 4 pig ugly doubles or low 20's amongst your bigger fish during the week wouldn't be that desirable, catch 3 or 4 little stunners and that’s a different story. So these smaller fish are all real lookers with huge potential to not only be big but to be stunners too. It also means that we have different strains moving forward and different age groups so as the fish start to spawn we have an incredible strong future. This

Meet the stock part 2

Last week you will have seen the 1st 2 fish to go into Lac du Coron as part of this winters stocking, a gorgeous, long brown fish and a real character of a lump. This week we have 2 more, both hand picked and 2 more stunners, both incredibly thick and heavy for their frame and set to be real chunks of the future. #frenchcarprigs #carpfishing #kordatackle #frenchcarp #carpinfrance #carpfishingcompetition #carpbait #TheSource #carpfishinginfrance #MonsterTigerNut #frenchfishing #carp #worldcarpclassic #carpfishingholidays #carprigs #bigcarprigs #nicbrown #atomictackle #lacducoron #competition #commoncarp #biglakes #mirrorcarp #bigcarp #fishinginfrance #mainlinebaits #buildingswims #Publicwater

Nic & Sharon Brown



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Some of the carp featured on this page are examples of actual fish from our fish farmer.