Starting to look like a proper fishery!

When I 1st arrived in France and had to smash my way around Lac du Coron, peering through snags as dark shapes vanished leaving nothing but plumes of silt, disturbing the red squirrels for the 1st time in probably 20 years and freezing on the spot as the kingfishers, deer or Boar stood totally relaxed on the back bank or hopped over the stream I knew I really had my work cut out over the coming 9 months in order to get Lac du Coron exactly the way I wanted. Not just getting the right fish but by clearing the swims, improving water conditions and creating paths without taking all the character out of what in reality is a pretty rare lake for France. For those that have followed our progress s

Meet The Stock Part 4 - The Stocking Film

Well here it is *The Stocking* A very proud moment as we stocked some really breathtaking big carp supplied by Koos at Carp Farm. We worked closely with the Carp Farm team to get the cream of the crop, here are just some of them. Enjoy For details on Carp Farm click here #nicbrown #frenchcarp #coronspecials #frenchcarprigs #TheSource #MonsterTigerNut #carpfishinginfrance #Publicwaters #mirrorcarp #biglakes #mainlinebaits #buildingswims #frenchcarpfishing #nightfishing #competition #commoncarp #bigcarprigs #carprigs #atomictackle #lacducoron #carpfishing #kordatackle #fishinginfrance #bigcarp #carp #worldcarpclassic #frenchfishing #carpinfrance #carpfishingcompetitio

Lac du Coron From the Air

This short snippet of drone footage shows you the stunning Lac du Coron from the air. It shows the stunning maturity of the lake and gives you a little insight before you arrive. Please note this was filmed before the channel section of the lake was extended by roughly 3/4 acre this year. Enjoy Nic #coronvibe #fishinginfrance #bigcarp #carpholidays #carpfishingholidays #dynamitebaits #carp #worldcarpclassic #frenchfishing #carprigs #bigcarprigs #carpfishing #kordatackle #lacducoron #atomictackle

Lac du Coron Completes Winter Stocking with 75 Incredible Carp!

The stunning Lac du Coron in central west France has received its final stocking of the winter with 75 young, fit and stunning carp. Lac du Coron is a new water and opens its doors for the first time at the end of April this year. An incredibly mature, rich and healthy water Lac du Coron is set to be one of the most talked about French waters of the year and the quality of the fish stocked will play a major part in that. Commenting on Lac du Corons stock Nic Brown said: 'The stocking of these incredible fish starts a major new chapter in the life of Lac du Coron. This gorgeous lake has been left to father time for over 25 years and has matured and developed into a special place, surrounded b

Exciting Times!

We have reached that time! Tomorrow is the culmination of the last 6 months work as we take delivery of 75 stunning new carp for the final stocking for this winter. The quality of the fish we have invested in sums up what we are all about. Yes we could have gone out and brought 250 fish from somewhere in France but they wouldn't have looked the quality these fish do, they wouldnt have had the growth potential and most importantly there wouldnt have been room for them to grow. We have worked hard to get the perfect balance of size, quantity and looks in order for the Lac du Coron carp to flourish, and we firmly believe we have done just that. The stocking of any carp is exciting and interesti

Nic & Sharon Brown



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Some of the carp featured on this page are examples of actual fish from our fish farmer.