A Night In The Woods

As many of you will have seen from our Facebook and Twitter pages that myself and Matt planned on a night in the recently finished 'Double' swim in the heart of the woods. We planned on doing Wednesday night but after a few hours of torrential rain it just didn't feel great and to be honest it was bloody miserable, so after a chat with Matt we decided to head home for a warm dinner and meet back at Lac du Coron the following afternoon to have a proper go. It was a fast and furious little session, here is a little video showing a bit of how we got on, including a Lac du Coron chunk. All of my fish bar one came to Dynamite Baits 16mm Butyric-C Pop Ups fished over 2 kg of 20mm Coron Specials pe

The 1st Go

As many of you will know, Lac du Coron's bailiff Matt and his French mate Fred were lucky enough to be the 1st pair of anglers to fish Lac du Coron last weekend since I did a night in early October 2015, long before the new stock went in and the water levels were probably 2ft lower. Due to work still going on in the 'Double' and the 'Channel' the lads went in 'Swim 1' and 'Rolos' for two very wet and windy days, Fred going in swim 1 and Matt in Rolos. After Matt got set up and settled in the swim I joined him, armed with my camera, for a stroll up to the new section of the lake. We flicked a rod out at the end of the channel to see if any were down there. Matt put a very low Multi Rig 10 yar

NEW VIDEO - 1st fish of 2016

Our bailiff Matt was lucky to be the 1st angler to fish Lac du Coron this year and the 1st to fish the lake for 4 months. We took a quick walk up to the new section at the end of the channel, he flicked out a small Multi rig and literally seconds later the line pulled up tight, this was the result. Click on the picture for a carpy little video. #bigcarp #carpinfrance #fishinginfrance #kordatackle #carpfishing #lacducoron #atomictackle #mirrorcarp #biglakes #kooswalters #Publicwaters #MonsterTigerNut #carpfishinginfrance #TheSource #coronspecials #frenchcarprigs #mainlinebaits #buildingswims #competition #commoncarp #carpholidays #worldcarpclassic #carp #frenchcarp #carpfarm #carpfishingcompe

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