The Final Push PART 1

First of all, apologies for the rather large space in time since my last Blog, there has been a huge amount going on since my last post; covering everything from the passing away of my nan and a trip back to the UK, a 50 lbs carp, setting Sharon and my wedding date and much much more, don't worry, I won't try and cover it all in this Blog. I wanted to start with the growth rates that we are experiencing at the moment, as it is something we are very proud of. Unfortunately I have only had the chance to fish Lac du Coron twice since we added the additional stock back in January. In that time I have been joined by Bailiff Matt and he has also had a few extra nights by himself so although we hav

Making me work!

On Thursday night I decided to fish The Channel Swim. Conditions probably weren't ideal for the swim but with our opening week only around the corner it is important that I fish all the swims, checking for snags, learning spots and generally just getting tuned into the lake. After a good poke about in the boat I rushed to get the rods out as the sun made way for some very dark, ominous clouds. My plan was to fish the open water in the middle of the channel on 2 rods with the 3rd on the front of the far tree line slightly to the left of the swim. I also didn't plan to stove the bait in. I clipped on little bags of Coron Special crumb in mesh bags and boosted them up with the very potent liqu

Nic & Sharon Brown



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