*Updated* Available Dates For 2018

We still have some great weeks left for next season but they are going fast! For more information and to book please email Nic. February, March, April, October and November £700 lake exclusive. May, June, July, August and September £1150 lake exclusive. Feb 24 - March 3rd (opening week) March 17th - 24th May 5th - 12th May 26th - June 2nd (week after 2 week shut down) June 2nd - 9th June 23rd - 30th July 14th - 21st July 28th - August 4th August 18th - 25th (week after 2 week shut down) October 20th - 27th October 27th - November 3rd November 3rd - 10th The lake is a little under 5 acres with 5 swims for a maximum of 4 anglers. There is a mobile home onsite for you to use all wee

*Half way through a very tough week*

Well the fish have certainly kept everyone on their toes of late. Since spawning the fishing has been very tricky. They are showing throughout the night and when they are caught they are full and solid, they are definitely eating well and as I said in my blog I think they are eating fry, huge amount of bloodworm and even small frogs. At last after weeks of hot dry weather conditions have finally changed today with low pressure, low 20 temperatures and a little bit of rain. as I wandered around early this morning there was bubbling everywhere and several good fish showing. I am sure they have to switch on any minute. Nic #coronvibe

Who would be a fishery owner!?

Well, the last few months, well 8 months really have been difficult from a management point of view and nature has been at the heart of pretty much all of it! As those that follow my blogs and posts will have seen it is as dry as a bone here and quite incredibly has been since early June last year, basically 12 months with next to no rain. We had a small amount in late February, but that is honestly all we have had. Incredible really when you think how I never stopped moaning last spring as it never stopped pissing it down! All this being said a combination of incredibly hot weather for the time of year, no rain and a huge amount of trees drinking from lake and the levels are well down alrea

Recent Catch Shots

You will have no argument from me that my blogging, both written and video has been shocking so far this season! Excuses excuses, but we have been mega busy; with things going from strength to strength here. I will make a real effort to make them more regular. In the meantime here are a few catch shots from recent weeks. #coronvibe #catchreportsbigcarp #biglakes #bigcarprigs #multirigs #mainlinebaits #frenchcarpholidays #carpfishingcompetition #frenchcarpfishing #scalycarprolosswim #frenchfishing #frenchcarp

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Some of the carp featured on this page are examples of actual fish from our fish farmer.