Drought, my ramblings and catch shots.

In short the region is in a serious state! I am pretty happy we have managed to keep our water at a safe level although I still expect at least a month of drought and that's if I'm lucky. The combination of measures we put in seem to have worked the best they can, oxygen levels are good even though water temperatures are over 24 degrees! Algae is next to non existent and the quantity of naturals in the lake has gone through the roof since last year with water snails, bloodworm and shrimp the main three. This has certainly made them hard to catch, last year I hadn't managed to establish any weed growth and a lot of the silt was pretty putrid. With the aerators, lime and Siltex applications

New Video Now Live - My Approach Bait - carp fishing bait

In this episode of 'My Approach' I look at bait. The quantities I use at Lac Du Coron and a few hints, tips and thoughts on washing baits out, air drying and hookbaits. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Nic, Lac Du Coron #coronvibe Save #NicBrown #Carprigs #Coronvibe #Frenchcarpfishing #Frenchcarpfishingholidays #Carpbait #boilies #FishinginMaineetLoire #mainlinebaits #Coronpellet #coronspecials

My Approach August 2017 - Carp fishing Tactics

Here is the 3rd installment in the 'My Approach' series of video blogs. Here I look at a couple of simple rigs and lead arrangements that I use here at Lac Du Coron and on the vast majority of waters that I fish. In the next installment I will ramble on about bait, my thoughts and some of the tweeks I use plus my favourite hookbait choices. Hope you enjoy it. Nic, Lac Du Coron #coronvibe #NicBrown #Carprigs #Coronvibe #Carp #mirrorcarp #fountain #Frenchcarpfishing #Frenchcarpfishingholidays #Frenchlakes #Carpfishingholidays #Frenchcarpfishings #FishinginMaineetLoire

For the 1st time in months I managed to get on the bank.

For the 1st time in months I managed to get on the bank this week with the cameras, fishing was of course the priority but I also wanted to get a few hints and tips vlogs done. Here are a few clips from that short trip, fingers crossed I can get a couple of the vlogs up and live by the end of the coming week. Nic #coronvibe #NicBrown #Carprigs #Carp #Coronvibe #commoncarp #mirrorcarp #holiday #restweek #Frenchcarpfishing #Frenchcarpfishingholidays #Frenchlakes #Frenchcarpfishings #frenchcarpholidays #Frenchcarp #frenchcarprigs #frenchcarpfishing #frenchcarp #frenchfishing

I'm going fishing, and conditions are changeable!

Well as many of you know we are now half way through the 1st of our 2 week mid summer close down. We have celebrated our wedding anniversary with close friends and family and worked hard at the lake cutting trees, tweaking the aeration system, painting the terrace and feeding the fish. But today Sharon and I are on our own for the first time in 6 weeks. We miss all our friends and family, but it does mean 1 thing, it's fishing time! I managed to do a couple of hours yesterday because I found lots of fish in The Channel. I did stupidly manage to lose one but they spooked after that so I cracked on with a bit of maintenance, fed the fish with another 30kgs of pellet and generally had a tidy up

Loads of catch shots from the last few weeks at Lac Du Coron

It's has been a busy time over the last few weeks with lots of cracking fish banked and just as many lost. Take a look at the success our anglers have had. Few more to get, but these are a great start. #coronvibe #Frenchcarpfishingholidays #Frenchcarpfishing #bigcarp #Frenchcarp #catchreports #mirrorcarp #commoncarp #LacduCoron #Coronvibe

2 week close down

That's us done for a few weeks as we close down for a fortnight, see friends and celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Where does the time go!? It doesn't mean that the carp will go hungry though, far from it as I will be giving them an awful lot of bait over the next few weeks. Roughly 100kg a week of both Coron Specials, Maize, Lupins, Coron Pellet Mix and Activ8. Dad is hard at work tarting up the terrace too. Even I'm going to fish next week and take the opportunity to get loads of blogs done and try and answer a few of the regular questions. Have a great weekend. Nic #coronvibe #LacduCoron #bigcarp #coronvibe #Frenchcarpfishingholidays #Frenchcarpfishing #Carpfood #holiday #Activ8 #mainlin

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