Special moments and captures from 2017 Pt3

Back in the summer the Pottle gang arrived at Lac Du Coron. Conditions were hot and still and the fishing took some effort but Mike, Bill and Keiron kept the fish coming. Martin though was finding it tough, it just wasn't happening. Mid week though we had a good chat over a cold beer and hatched a new plan. After helping to get the rods out on the new spots I got the dinner on and a short while later I gave a quick shout to let them know that dinner was ready. Seconds later an alarm sounded and I Instantly noticed Martin's rod on the rest buckle round. I serious scrap ensued and all the lads gathered round as Martin got the better of a serious chunk we were all chuffed as things fell into pl

Special moments and captures from 2017 Pt2

The Linears William Pottle came to Lac Du Coron earlier in the year with his dad, brother and grandad. 'Bill' fished in the Right Hand Double and bites were coming fairly regularly even though a few of them slipped the hook. Half way through the week as I sat with the lads in The Double I quietly thought to myself that the zip linears were definitely due any day. I even text Bill's dad that evening to say they will come out that night. The following morning I messaged him to see what the night had produced. Unfortunately the answer was that Bill had unfortunately just lost a powerful fish to which I replied 'balls, I was sure the lins would be out. 5 minutes later Mike text me this picture.

Special moments and captures from 2017 Pt1

With everyone looking back on the year I thought I would look back on a few memorable captures, moments and new friends made. Let's start with a pretty recent one but one that meant a lot to me and the captor. *The Fully* "By no means the biggest fish in the lake but possibly the most special, certainly one of the rarest. We have netted the lake twice and had just over a season and a halfs anglers and apart from me possibly seeing it in the weed up The Channel it has never been seen, let alone caught. Nathan had visited us last season with mixed results. He won't mind me saying that he struggled. The casting accuracy needed, bait application etc was a steep learning curve, so when he ret

See the final stocking of the winter.

I am really pleased that the new fish have gone in nice and early this winter, it means they have a good few months to chill out, recharge and have a little feed before next seasons anglers arrive in late Feb. So this second stocking of the winter was made up of 5 crackers topped by a 47lbs mirror (above.) As well as that there were two new mid 30's a stunning low 30 and a torpedo of an upper 20 common. Here they are..... In addition to these new crackers we stocked another 9 stunning new, younger fish a few weeks ago, as you can see, they are pretty special! #newstock #newcarp #bigcarp #frenchcarp #bigcarpcarpfishing #Frenchcarpfishingholidays

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