My Baiting Approach

People often ask about baiting and how I change it as the season progresses. This is a go too for me, on Coron and elsewhere. Carp are carp at the end of the day and the principles are the same on 99% of waters. The main difference is that I want to give them a food source now. When it's colder it tends to be snatching bites with a few small bits, maggots maybe and brightish hookbaits. As the water warms and the silvers are more active I tend to take the small bits out of the mix and concentrate on giving them wahat they need and want, which is food with value, especially after spawning. On here they see a lot of the Coron Specials and they have caught everywhere I've used them, so that's

Fun in the sun

The great start to the season continues... It has been a funny old spring at Lac Du Coron like it has in many places across Europe. A few days or a week of 30 degree temperatures swiftly followed by a week of below average 14/15 degree temperatures and very chilly nights. I would have expected these conditions to have really hampered the fishing, but with good anglers visiting us so far this year the bites have kept coming even in tricky conditions. These sharp spikes in temperatures have also kicked the fish into spawning, once 2 weeks ago and again as we speak. They have been going for 48 hours now. But below is a selection of images from the last few weeks to give you an idea of the qua

Nic & Sharon Brown



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Some of the carp featured on this page are examples of actual fish from our fish farmer.