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A Bit of Lac Du Coron History

Last week was another seriously busy week. After our 1st decent rainfall the lake started to fill quickly and it was a race to remove a few of the dangerous snags before they were engulfed by water. We also installed the bait shed, planted a load more saplings and flower bulbs and I even hand dug a few drainage ditches to ensure the swims will remain dry even in the heaviest rain.

On Wednesday night though I managed to get the rods out in the newly cleared double swim in the heart of the woods. Of course there is a lot more to do in the swims with the wood chipping etc but it is such a stunning swim with so many spots I wanted to have a go.

One of the main reasons I wanted to do a night was to keep removing the many small commons that were in Lac du Coron when we arrived, I have removed about 25 and I think there are about 20 more to come out.

I have also had the pleasure of catching some of the little original mirrors over the past few weeks but they are staying put. Firstly I think they have the shape to grow quickly, but maybe more importantly they are a part of the history of the lake, I don't want it to loose its character above the water so why not keep a bit of its character below the water too.

To date I hadn't had an original mirror above about 8lbs as well as a few original commons up to about 14lbs

but I knew there were at least 4 much better mirrors in the upper 20's to low 30's that I had spotted under the many branches on the back bank which would be very welcome on my mission to remove the little commons.

The 3 rods were quickly out on 2 spots that I had pre baited the day before with a mixture of Coron Specials, The Source and The Crave in a variety of sizes. 2 rods went out to the open water spot in about 6 feet of water and one went a rod length in front of a bush to the left of the swim in 4 ft of water, just where the slate hits the silt. For some reason every single 'better' fish I have caught in the few trips I have done to Lac du Coron have all come from this bush, I wonder if this night would be the same?

The night got off to a great start with all 3 rods ramping off and spirited little commons tripping up to my little Stiffun Pop Up rigs and White Source hookbaits. I didn't move them all though as a couple although only 5 or 6lbs had huge mouths and were long and lean, my gut said give them some time to grow .

It was a crazy night, as the moon rose the lake lit up, and it took on an electric feel, not long after the lake really woke up and several fish showed over both spots.

Moments later the left hand rod on the bush pulled up tight and ticked off, instantly the take was different to the crazy little commons, as I lifted the rod I was met with a much heavier resistance and the legs were knocking. Was it going to be one of the new stock fish or one of the originals that I would so dearly love!?

After a healthy scrap a mirror I definitely didn't recognize went over the chord and I knew I had one of the originals. It doesn't matter how wild or natural a fish is they soon end up loving quality boilie! I didn't need to wet the mat or slings as it was lashing it down so I carefully put him on the mat so I could have a proper look in the moonlight, He was definitely a 30 + and excitingly he was a stunner, huge great scales on the shoulder. Quickly weighed I registered the weight at 32lbs on the nose, it goes without saying that I was chuffed and I spent the next few hours wondering what else could be in Lac du Coron. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way saying that I think there will be un caught monster commons or huge fully scaled mirrors, but there will be a few surprises next year and I can't wait to see them.

The rest of the night was certainly eventful as I was up and down like a yo yo landing several more of the crazy commons and that continued into the morning as I carried on going about a few chores behind the swim.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and we are looing forward to our 1st guests arriving in late April.


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