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Exciting Times!

We have reached that time!

Tomorrow is the culmination of the last 6 months work as we take delivery of 75 stunning new carp for the final stocking for this winter.

The quality of the fish we have invested in sums up what we are all about. Yes we could have gone out and brought 250 fish from somewhere in France but they wouldn't have looked the quality these fish do, they wouldnt have had the growth potential and most importantly there wouldnt have been room for them to grow.

We have worked hard to get the perfect balance of size, quantity and looks in order for the Lac du Coron carp to flourish, and we firmly believe we have done just that.

The stocking of any carp is exciting and interesting for any carp angler. The stocking of 75 stunning fish of this size though will be something else and we are going to make sure we show you as much of it as possible.

Myself, Sharon, Matt and Tony will be facebook posting, blogging, posting video and more througout the day to give you a real idea of exactly how a stocking works and the quality of the fish that we are putting in Lac du Coron.

Keep checking back.



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