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A busy few weeks!

I won't go into a loads of details as many of you that follow me on Facebook or Impact will have seen a lot of this already. Needless to say it was another great carp match and the new rule of only the biggest 3 fish counting was brilliant and really added to the anticipation of it all. Well done to the eventual winners and also to the Dynamite pairs that came ever so close, Lizette and Bianca, Riccaro, Danelli and Roberto from Italy and Andy, Frank and Angel from Spain who were all one fish away from victory!

We managed to catch some great fish on film as well as interviews with many of the top Dynamite Baits anglers from all over Europe. Take a look at the playlist, just click on the picture below, I think you will like it:

I have also put a little selection of images together.

Gary Peet and Kieth Standley arrive to register at the Dynamite Baits stand.

A pre match social with the Spanish guys from Carp Diem

All over the huge lake anglers from all over Europe were preparing to head to their swims.

Great footage to start with on morning 1

The american war memorial towered over the lake like a beacon.

As ever we covered plenty of the new product that Dynamite launched at WCC 2015

Special fish were caught all over the lake

Filming the lake from the boat

Hopefully that gives you a lttle insight into what we do and how this years event unfolded.

As soon as I got back from Lac de Madine, Mark arived from the UK to help me down at Lac du Coron with some tree clearence. The boys a bit of an animal and in only 1 day the mangrove was cleared and after a further morning towing all the debris out of the way we had prepared the area ready for the diggers to arrive next week.

After all that work we then got things ready for a 'little' adventure on a big local lake. We were buzzing to give it a go as we really had no idea what was in there or how many there were. In 24 hours would we get anywhere near a fish?

I wont go into a huge amount of detail again as we did some filming, but as this will be one of the waters where we will be doing our Adventure Packages it was going to be exciting.

We had found an area about a mile away from where we could park the car that commanded a lot of water. It was on the back of the cold winds and in the teeth of the warm winds. With the sounder we had also found some awesome drop offs and rocky bars the day before that we had baited up with Maize, 20mm The Source and 15mm Red-Amo. We didnt know if there were many fish in there or if it was stuffed with Bream, so we hedged the bets and gave them loads.

We arrived in torrential rain and after 30 minutes sitting in the van we decided to make a run for it. We loaded the boat and I headed up the lake, whilst Mark took a barrow load with him.

Once in the swim we were able to crack on and get the rods out quickly, because the prep work had already been done. We shot out in the boat, dropped the baits and a few handfuls of The Source and hunkered down in the storm.

By the evening we noticed the odd fish, and as the sky lit up with an incredible sunset we were actually quite excited.

About an hour later my long range rod slowly pulled up tight and started to tick line of the clutch. After a mega battle a little common of about 18lbs rolled into the net, not a huge fish by any means but it was a very good start.

As I say I wont go into loads of detail but we actually had 3 more runs that night.

The following morning we were already whacked out, no sleep, loads of storms, huge gusts of wind and soaking wet, but we loved every second of it and Mark can't wait to get back.

Over the next week or so there are huge things going on at the lake as we dig out the boggy swamp area that will soon become Lodge Bay.

Personally I will also be starting a little mini campaign on one of the biggest waters in the area which I am really excited about.

So there we have it, another quick update to keep you all in the loop, lots more to come over the next few weeks.

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