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Video allows us to show you Lac du Coron in a totally different light.

We will regularly bring you video from our guests, top tips from Nic and the team, Carp catch videos, how to videos and more.
Keep checking back as this will be an invaluable resource for all those visiting
Lac du Coron.

What's it all about?

Lac du Coron


Lac du Coron owner Nic introduces the lake, his plans and what you can expect in the coming months.

The Lac du Coron Blog Pt 2?

Lac du Coron


The race is on to get Lac du Coron ready for its new stock to arrive this winter. Shortly the vast majority of the little commons will be removed with some going into our stock lake and then we will be all systems go ready for the big girls.

An Interview for Bite Edge?

Lac du Coron


Lac du Coron owner Nic sat down for a few minutes to discuss Lac du Coron, its stock, location and ultimately his vision.

The Lac du Coron Blog Pt 3

Lac du Coron


Here is the Lac du Coron Blog Pt 3.

As per usual I have rambled on for far too long but as many of you have pointed out I have neglected the blog for a while so there was a fair bit to cover.

I talk about the lake digging, the new stock, 'The Hyde,' the lodge and anything else that comes to mind.

The Stocking

Lac du Coron


We stocked 75 fish on this occasion so it simply wasnt possible to include footage of them all in this film, we also wanted to hold a fair few back, but I think you will agree there are more than enough to get you chomping at the bit for a trip to Lac du Coron.

If you would like further details then please visit or email Nic on

Lac du Coron from the air

Lac du Coron


This short snippet of drone footage shows you the stunning Lac du Coron from the air.

It shows the stunning maturity of the lake and gives you a little insight before you arrive.

If you would like further details then please visit or email Nic on

The 1st fish since our stocking

Lac du Coron


Here is bailiff Matt with a stunning upper 20 caught  caught within seconds of flicking a stalking rod out in the new section of the lake at the end of the channel.

February in the woods

Lac du Coron


As many of you will have seen from our Facebook and Twitter pages that myself and Matt planned on a night in the recently finished 'Double' swim in the heart of the woods.

Nearly There

Lac du Coron


As we approach out opening week I thought I would take a look back at some of the fish Matt and I have caught on our little stalking trips and overnight trips.


Catch Shots, week 1-7, 2016

Lac du Coron


So I thought now would be a great time to look at just a handful of the awesome captures from Lac Du Coron in our opening few weeks. #coronvibe

Resbite "The opening Trailor."

Lac du Coron


Anyone looking for a carpy chill, this short film maybe worth a look.
Last week was our 2nd rest week, or resbite of the season.
A chance for me to do a load of chores, put lots of quality feed in and hopefully get to fish myself.

Here is a little film I put together during the week, features lots of Lac du Coron chunks enjoying the 'resbite.'


Winter Is Under Way at Lac Du Coron Carp Fishing Lake in France

Lac du Coron

With our last guests of the year only leaving 4 weeks ago we have an awful lot to do in just a few months to make the improvements we want to make in time for our 1st guests of 2017 in late Feb.

This video details as best we could 3 major jobs that have bee completed so far. The netting of Lac Du Coron for probably the 1st time ever, a 1/4 of an acre lake extension and the addition of 25 new fish so far, there are a handful more to go in in Janurary.

A quick look at Matts common from rest week 2
Lac du Coron


With loads of mowing to do on Saturday morning we chose to do the Friday night at the lake so we were ready to work bright and early.

2 hours after Matt wading the rods out this was the result. #coronvibe

For the 1st time in months I managed to get on the bank.

Lac du Coron

For the 1st time in months I managed to get on the bank this week with the cameras, fishing was of course the priority but I also wanted to get a few hints and tips vlogs done.



Here are a few clips from that short trip, fingers crossed I can get a couple of the vlogs up and live by the end of the coming week. Nic #coronvibe

24 Hours in Swim 1

Lac du Coron


Published on 7 Apr 2016


Last night I took the chance to get the rods out after a morning working at the lake. I needed to fish swim 1 as it is the last swim I haven't had a go in.

My Approach, Lac du Coron Blog 4

Lac du Coron


In this short video I take a look at my approach. How I would choose to tackle Lac du Coron taking into account what I have learnt observng our anglers and the tips and tricks I picked up fishing over the winter.

The Dig at Lac Du Coron Carp Lake - Winter 2016

Lac du Coron


This short clip details in a few minutes 3 days solid work on the digger and dumper as we extended the lake by a feature packed 1/4 of an acre.

It will be a very popular area for the carp and anglers, take a look.


My Approach August 2017 - Carp fishing Tactics

Lac du Coron

Here is the 3rd installment in the 'My Approach' series of video blogs. Here I look at a couple of simple rigs and lead arrangements that I use here at Lac Du Coron and on the vast majority of waters that I fish.


October 18 video newsletter at Lac Du Coron Carp Fishing Lake in France

Lac du Coron

Here is our 1st installment of the new monthly video newsletter. There are loads of catch shots, a handy hint, availability and general information about the month just gone.

November 18 video newsletter at Lac Du Coron Carp Fishing Lake in France

Lac du Coron

Here is our November video news. Lots of catch shots, information and a little look back at tsome memorable moments of the 2018 season.

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