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Carp in the sun at Lac Du Coron!

Thinking about a summer holiday next year but worried about the heat killing the fishing? Theres no need to worry at Lac Du Coron as a combination of good quality water and plenty of oxygenation keeps them happy, feeding well and fighting like crazy all through the very hottest conditions.

Over the last few months we have seen all sorts of weather records broken. The hottest and driest spring and summer on record, incredibly high water tempretures of over 32 degrees for 3 days, no wind and no rain. The text book said the fishing should have been rubbish, in fact it was on many waters in France, but at Lac Du Coron just like the previous couple of summers the lake continues to fish well even at 40 degrees +

Here are just a handful of pictures from the last few weeks .

There have been plenty more but we think you get the idea! Wen the sun out the Lac Du Coron come out to play. Nic Brown, #coronvibe

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