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New Aeration Installed

I'll have to start calling these weeks 'no rest weeks.'

This morning was another busy one. Dad and I cleared the last of the trees from the newly created gap and moved some big stumps into positions so its now a nice place to sit and will definitely be a wicked little stalking spot, especially when the water levels are back up. 

Next it was time to install the new aeration system. After connecting each end of the hose to the pump and the other ends to the diffusers, I swam each one out to the spots I wanted them positioned.

The Vertex system has loads of benefits over the fountain system we have been using, but most noticeable for our angler's is the noise, or lack of it. The fountain moved a hell of a lot of water and as a result it certainly shattered the silence. The new system is almost silent and makes a massive difference. The fountain will still come on with the timer for a few hours each afternoon to keep the water agitated but apart from that it will be for emergencies only. 

I am confident that the new system will keep the water well oxygenated and ensure the fish stay active and feeding 24/7.

The final Job of the day was to give them their last feed of the week, another 10kg of the new CS's. A washed out very lightly flavored fishmeal that I have been feeding all week in conjuction with the Coron specials. As well as 40kg of the summer pellet and 40kg of our Maize and lupin mix, that makes it about 120kg of feed for the week. 

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