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Special moments and captures from 2017 Pt1

With everyone looking back on the year I thought I would look back on a few memorable captures, moments and new friends made. Let's start with a pretty recent one but one that meant a lot to me and the captor. *The Fully* "By no means the biggest fish in the lake but possibly the most special, certainly one of the rarest. We have netted the lake twice and had just over a season and a halfs anglers and apart from me possibly seeing it in the weed up The Channel it has never been seen, let alone caught. Nathan had visited us last season with mixed results. He won't mind me saying that he struggled. The casting accuracy needed, bait application etc was a steep learning curve, so when he returned this year he had a far better idea of what he wanted to do and it didn't take him long to put it into action catching some gorgeous looking fish. Nathan had been calling me at all times of the day and night all week to do his shots. On this occasion midweek this was his message after I asked if he really needed me again...

When I asked which one it was he said it's a fly scaled. My first thought was it was one I call the future fish, a low 20 and when he said it was mid 20's I thought lovely, thats put on some weight. 

When i arrived and he put the retainer on the mat and peeled it back a little the scales looked heavier, there was more of them. I bent down and peeled it back slowly and there it was. A fish I had dearly wanted to see banked but feared dead. 

Well deserved Nathan and thank you for appreciating it as much as I did. 

Now, where's the big brown that I've definitely seen, the scattered Lin and the little ghosty!  

Nic Brown. Lac Du Coron 

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