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Special moments and captures from 2017 Pt2

The Linears William Pottle came to Lac Du Coron earlier in the year with his dad, brother and grandad.  

'Bill' fished in the Right Hand Double and bites were coming fairly regularly even though a few of them slipped the hook. 

Half way through the week as I sat with the lads in The Double I quietly thought to myself that the zip linears were definitely due any day. I even text Bill's dad that evening to say they will come out that night. 

The following morning I messaged him to see what the night had produced. Unfortunately the answer was that Bill had unfortunately just lost a powerful fish to which I replied 'balls, I was sure the lins would be out. 5 minutes later Mike text me this picture. 

It's funny how it goes sometimes when you know you just know. My gut feeling is that the one he lost shortly before was the bigger of the 2 as they definitely seem to hang around together. 

They only seem to get caught a couple of times a year so my hope is one or maybe both will slip up for me this winter as both are definitely on my wish list. Nic  

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