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A great week of socialising, laughs, stunning carp and PB's

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Lac Du Coron regulars and great friend's Brinn and Lily.

The initial plan of fishing hard soon went out the window when they crashed at ours for a few nights to enjoy some of the local pubs and bars as well as having us and a few others to the lake for a big BBQ in the sun, but that didn't stop either of them catching some stunning fish and some PB's, even I got a bend in the rod!

Brinn started off fishing in Rolos and it didn't take long for him to get off the mark, and it was a great start in the shape of this gorgeous mid 30 muscle packed mirror.

Brinn fished tight to the far margin over a really healthy helping of 10mm boilie and house pellet. After that the fish seemed to move off the pressure so he moved into the left hand double just before a big carp storm came in from the West. 

It didn't take long for the move to pay off with this cracking mid 20 mirror from under the fountain. 

As the storm started to build the bites kept coming including this stunning mirror and his second PB of the week. His wafter hookbaits over plenty of free offerings was still doing the business. 

The stormy night produced another upper 20 and and as morning broke Brinn woke up a bedraggled but a very happy boy! 

Later on that afternoon I arrived to do the night with the guys but before I even managed to get the rods out the bag Brinn was away again, and it was another 'gooden.'

After a proper battle a long, grey mirror went into the net and Brinns run of good fish continued.

Once we had all settled down I took a wander up to the islands with Lily to see what was about. It didn't take long to spot some tail tail signs that there were fish about. Lily rigged up a simple float, big size 4 hook and a chunk of bread and let the float drift on the wind into the weedbed. 5 minutes later the float lifted, then dipped and then errupted as Lily struck. The battle went to plan and after teasing the fish back through the small weedbeds I slipped a lovely clean mirror into the net and as we peered in we could see it was going to be a PB.  

It was a bit of a nutter on the mat, so Brinn stepped in to secure the fish for the photos.

After that the fish seemed to sulk into the weed so Lily changed tactics and flicked a simple flexi rig near the weed and baited with a few chops over the top. A few hours later it screamed off and after a manic battle she bundled a scaly banger into the net.

With that Lilys job was done, the rods were reeled in and she got her chill back on! 

The next morning my single rod in The Channel also shot off and I had a good morning scrap with an angry common. Thankfully it was one on my wanted list in the shape of the kinky common at 26lbs + 

With that we all packed up, Lily went back to mine for a chilled evening with Sharon and Brinn and I went to Lac Solace .

To find out what happened there click the link below 😉👌 

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