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Review from Jay and Gaz. Gaz fished in Rolo's, Jay in the Right Hand Double.

I was told Jay was a super mobile angler, but even I was impressed with just how active he was, and it certainly paid off, with 80% of his captures coming on his 6 footers whilst stalking in The Channel and along the far bank.

Scroll down to read the review and look at some of the lads awesome captures.

Hi mate just wanted to let you know (incase you didn’t already)

We had a great week despite not going to plan with fishing solace as we'd wanted. (Fish spawning.)

Coron is an amazing water, the fishing was difficult at times, having found carp every morning but struggled to get their interest, evidently they were preoccupied feeding on fry.

But the carp I did manged to catch were all mega mega fish. The scaly, the big common and the Zip linear were just different mate !

Not typical French carp at all.

I honestly cant wait to get back 😎🎣🎣


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