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Paul "Fence" review of Lac Du Coron

We thought we would share Paul's review from his trip to Lac Du Coron.

"Well I don’t do many personal posts on here, but I think this little adventure was worth the post.

If anyone that loves there fishing and has been thinking of going to France 🇫🇷 for a trip!! Get your ass over there!! This was a trip I didn’t know I needed. After over 20 years of not fishing, due to the fast pace of life in general. I got the chance to join my 2 great buddies Scott Bayley and Terry Shearer on a wild trip to Lac du Coron, Carp fishing in France!!!

This was a lake I had dreamt about as a young lad fishing, dreaming of catching a monster of the lake. My largest Carp back in the day for 15lb. Well this trip certainly didn’t disappoint!!

The weather was crazy with thunderstorms ⛈️ sideways rain, wind and then Sunshine roasting us dry 15 minutes later!! Living on the bank in a bivvy for a week was just awesome!! The fresh air and back to nature was just what I needed after a couple of crazy busy years!!

So here are some pics of the fish, the lake, the food (which was great) the company was awesome!!

My largest fish was a 41lb mirror and my smallest 22lb with plenty in between including a 33lb mirror!! So I joined the 20lb club 30lb club and 40lb all in the same week!! Boom!! Until next year 🇫🇷 🎣 🐠 🥓 ⛺️


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