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"With Lac Solace and Lac Du Coron my aim was simple; to create an enviroment I would love to be in,

carp that would put a huge smile on my face, nature all around me and facilities that would mean our anglers

could be comfortable and enjoy great times with the group. I think we have done that"


Nic has been a dedicated carp angler since he was 13, being a sponsored angler, consultant and

even the marketing director for a huge UK brand. he has also worked in the tourism industry in

france giving him a unique insight into what people want from their holiday.

Although Nic is only in his 30's he would probably be referred to as an 'old skool' angler,

and the same could be said of his fishery management style. If you are looking for

portaloos dotted around the lake, electric behind every bivvy and gravelled, manicured swims,

then Nic's waters are probably not the ones for you. He wont spend all day telling you 'how it should

be done' or checking all year gear for rule breaking. His lake are for serious, experianced anglers and he trusts you to treat the enviroment,the lake, the carp and facilities with respect.

His aim is to keep the lakes, surroundings and swims as natural as possible. We go fishing to emerse ourselves in the enviroment of the lake, well thats how Nic feels.

Both Lac Du Coron and Lac Solace also have clean, well looked after and very functional cabins for cooking, showering and socialising as well as toilets, BBQ's and charging points, nic is well aware that this is a holiday and a comfortable place to kick back for a cold beer is important too!

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