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Our Carp

Lac Du Coron has always been about far more than just the biggest carp possible. Since starting this adventure in 2016 Nic has always been adamant that a lake that looks so good must be full of special carp, and special doesn’t always mean they have to be massive.

Of course the lake holds some brilliant fish, many over 40lbs with 2 or 3 low 50's; the kings of the lake. In addition to these huge carp there are also more than 50 other, special and unique carp, ranging from low 20's all the way up to the biggest in the lake. Long classic mirrors, deep, scaly bangers, perfect commons, zip linears, fully scaled and ghost carp.

Every fish in the lake has been hand picked or grown in our stock ponds from fry, and it is this unique stock, chilled out vibe and comfortable facilities that are why our lake has gained such a strong reputation so quickly.

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