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Read why top anglers are excited about the opening of Lac du Coron in April 2016.


There are many great waters across France, but what makes the opening of Lac du Coron stand out?

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Steve Barton.


"When Nic first told me about Lac du Coron and what he had planned I just knew this was somewhere my family and I would be visiting.


With Nic's background in the trade and knowing what a carp angler demands, plus his grasp of the language and the French way of life as well as Sharon and Nic's hospitality I know this will be a special holiday experience.


Add to that the chance to explore some of the public waters and rivers, local bars and restaurants, personally I can't wait!"


Dave Levy. (Author; Korda, Trakker & Mainline consultant.)

"Having worked with Nic on a few occasions in the past few years it's become clear he don't do things by half and is some what of a perfectionist.


So with this in mind, I know he will leave no stone unturned making his lake the place to go.


I look forward wetting a line the in the near future. Dave levy."

Matt Hart. (Owner at Etang de Berniere)


"Nic knows this game inside out and has a huge passion for not only the fish but the surroundings and environment anglers fish in.


Lac du Coron will reflect his passion, the fish will be gorgeous and the atmosphere 'Carpy' and chilled.


I can't wait to visit in April!"

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