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Lotties is the 1st swim you see when you arrive at Lac du Coron and controls a lovely section of deeper water as well as a snaggy tree covered margin opposite, the lawn and end wall to your left and the front of the hide to your right with its sharp drop off.
Like every swim, there are countless overhangs to fish to, but don't ignore the open water.



Rolo's is the 1st swim in the shade of the woods and looks out across to a cracking margin opposite as well as brilliant open water spots, a big over hang yo your right in your own margin and in the warmer months the fountain in open water to your right.

Rolos is also just a few metres the other side of the stoop. A covered area with Englsh charging points, freezer, table and chairs making it a great spot for a social with Lotties swim.

Left Hand Double.

The Left and Right Hand Double are not a traditional double swim with you both bivvied up feet from each other, instead both swims are in a large clearing in the woods, separated but a walk way and the den. This gives both swims a little bit of privacy whilst still fishing the same central part of the lake.  You have some awesome overhangs opposite, great marginal spots to your left and some brilliant open water spots straight out in front.

The Right Hand Double.

Maybe the most popular swim at Lac Du Coron. Loads of overhangs on the far bank, very productive open water spots and access to The Channel to your right.

The Channel.

The Channel is the most intimate swim at Lac Du Coron, and also the least fished!

The Chanel is about 15m wide and leads down to the weedy islands to your right. It doesnt seem to matter what the conditions or time of year, there are always fishing passing in and out of The Channel. People struggle to get their heads around the best way to fish it, but for me it is a 2 rod 'undercover' type swim. Baiting poles, wading rigs out, delicate baiting and keeping th banks quiet allows stealthy anglers the chance for a super productive week.

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