Our Prices

2020 Season Lake Exclusive Prices

Lake exclusive bookings are for a maximum of 4 anglers. 1 non angler per guest can also join you for free.

2022 Season

March -November - £850

Available extras

Our Prices

Available extras Weekly Bait Package

18kg – 18mm Salted King FKG

1 tub of 18mm King FKG light hookbaits

1 tub of 14mm King Tangy Squid Pop Ups

1 bottle charger liquid 

10kg – House pellet

10kg – Maize

Price = 190€


King Salted FKG 18mm 4.5kg = 38.50€; 9kg = 72.00€; 18kg = 138.00€ 36kg = 255€

King Pro Liver test bait 18mm = 18kg = 120.00€ 36kg = 215€

King Amino Milk 4.5kg = 38.50€; 9kg = 72.00€; 18kg = 138.00€ 36kg = 255€



King FKG 18mm wafter hookbaits = 8€

King 14mm FKG food bait pop ups = 8€

King 14mm Tangy Squid White & Orange pop ups = 8€

King 14/18mm Tangy Squid wafter hookbaits = 8€

King Pro Milk 18mm wafters = 8€

King Pro Milk 15mm pop ups = 8€

King Pro Liver 14mm food bait Pop Ups = 8€

King Pro Liver 14/18mm Pro Liver wafter Hookbaits = 8€

King Acid Candy 14mm Yellow Pop Ups = 8€

King Fruit De Mer 14mm Red Pop Ups = 8€


Maize Mix (whole, flaked & crushed) 20kg = 30€


Pellet (25kg sack) 25kg = 50€



We have 3 options, The Works food package where we cook, serve and clear away breakfast and dinner each day. The heat it yourself package (HIY) where we fill the fridge with fresh breakfast ingredients and deliver a ready prepared homecooked main course and pudding each day or finally you can pick and choose between the two. 

The works package starts on Saturday PM and does not include lunch. Thursday is Nic's day off. Supermarkets and take away’s are all within 10 minutes’ drive. 


The Works                                                                     150€ per person per week 

Heat It Yoyrself                                                              135€ per person week 

Breakfast (Croissant, cereals, juice & cooked)       14.00€ per day or 70.00€ per week 

Home cooked dinner                                                    18.00€ per day or 95.00€ per week

Nic & Sharon Brown




Tel: 00 33 549 72 48 70   Nics mobile: 0033 7877 05222

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Some of the carp featured on this page are examples of actual fish from our fish farmer.