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Our Prices

2024 Season Lake Exclusive Prices

The price for lake exclusive hire of Lac Du Coron is £900, this is for a maximum of 4 anglers. The price is for the whole lake, not per person.

Lac Du Coron can also be booked non exclusively for £275 per person.

Price includes 24/7 use of anglers cabin, kitchen, sitting area, hot shower, electric, fridge, freezer etc​

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Weekly Bait Package

5kg – 20mm King Squid

5kg - 16mm King Squid

10kg - 20mm King Sea Monster

1 pot of 20/16mm King King Squid Wafters

1 pot of  20mm King Sea Monster Wafters

25kg – High Oil & low oil pellet mix

Price = 220€


King Squid, King Pro Liver GLM and King Sea Monster 20mm 0r 16mm


5kg = 48.00€; 10kg = 90.00€; 15kg = 123.75€ 20kg = 160€ 25kg = 195€; 30kg = 220.00€


Wafters & Pop Ups = 9e


Feed Pellet (25kg sack) 25kg = 55€

Low oil feed pellet (25kg sack) = 40€


10kg Lac Du Coron prepared particle mix (Split peas, Maize, Lupins, Tares, wheat etc) = 25€

10kg Whole Maize = 20€

King Carp Care

We designed our own carp care equipment, tougher and more protective mats, nets desighned with strength and durability at their core and our very own retainers, made with 600d material and our HD mesh, reinforced handles and weigh straps. It is also slightly longer than most and shallower making carrying and weighing big carp far easier and safer.

If you liked the equipment you used this week and would like to purchase anything from the range, then please let Nic know anytime during the week.

King HD  carp cot = 60€

King HD Net = 60€

King HD Retainer = 45€

NT Labs Propolis = 14.90€

NT Labs Ulcer Swab = 16.00


LDC Food Packages

We have 3 options, The Works food package where we cook, serve and clear away breakfast and dinner each day. The heat it yourself package (HIY) where we fill the fridge with fresh breakfast ingredients and deliver a ready prepared homecooked main course and pudding each day or finally you can pick and choose between the two. 

The works package starts on Saturday PM and does not include lunch. Thursday is Nic's day off. Supermarkets and take away’s are all within 10 minutes’ drive. 


The Works                                                                                                                                                   160€ per person per week 

Heat It Yoyrself                                                                                                                                         140€ per person week 

Continental Breakfast (Croissant, cold meats, cheeses, fruit & fresh bread.)         14.00€ per day or 70.00€ per week 

Home cooked dinner                                                                                                                              20.00€ per day or 95.00€ per week

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