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Spwaning over? Fish active! Bites coming!

Spwaning over? Fish active! Bites coming and now were closed for 3 weeks!

It has been tough over the last few weeks with the fish spawning no less than 8 times, the 1st spawning was in late April and they have been at it on and off until last week, the end of July!

On top of that we had tempretures up to 49 degrees on the terrace last week, not great fishing conditions.

Saying that this weeks group of Graeme, Wayne and Zak fished well and managed several fish throughout the week, none of the chunks but they certainly saw them, and unfortunately Zak lost a very big mirror in the snags that I could clearly see standing in The Channel swim, its tail and shoulders were so big I was as gutted as he was not to see him bank her. Wayne also had a huge mirror actually blow up his brand new big pit reel, shredding the clutch and eventually busting him up.

Here are a few pictures from the week.

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