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Stunning Little Carp

With pressure through the roof and freezing cold nghts the lads did really well last week to tempt a couple of real Lac Du Coron stunners.

What was most interesting to me was the the long male called 'moonscale' has 100% not been caught before and Matts 28, although it looks like a fish I have seen before has also not been caught before that I know of fish both were up in weight and both in mint condition.

The lads had a huge ammount of fish crashing in the area, but apart from savage liners and aborted taked the bobbins stayed still, after a couple of days they decided to put in 3 or 4 kg's of CC Moores Live System and Tuna as well as a good scattering of corn, although it didn't kick off like it can it still encouraged a few bites. I have a feeling next season with the additional 40 fish they are going to need, and want a lot of bait!


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