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I'm going fishing, and conditions are changeable!

Well as many of you know we are now half way through the 1st of our 2 week mid summer close down. We have celebrated our wedding anniversary with close friends and family and worked hard at the lake cutting trees, tweaking the aeration system, painting the terrace and feeding the fish. 

But today Sharon and I are on our own for the first time in 6 weeks. We miss all our friends and family, but it does mean 1 thing, it's fishing time! I managed to do a couple of hours yesterday because I found lots of fish in The Channel. I did stupidly manage to lose one but they spooked after that so I cracked on with a bit of maintenance, fed the fish with another 30kgs of pellet and generally had a tidy up. 

Tomorrow though I am fishing/filming properly and doing 2 nights on the lake. My 1st night in 6 weeks and my 1st time fishing Lac du Coron for months. 

I will admit I really don't know how it will fish. Conditions have been nothing short of baffling now for weeks. Of course you all know about the incredible lack of rain and the insanely hot temperatures of mid June to mid July. But since then it has been very up and down and the swing in temperatures from low 40s to low 20s has really put the fish in a strange mood. Add the odd rain shower and the water temperature and oxygen levels have really fluctuated. 

Even with the little amount of rain the water levels are of course still very low. I'm glad we are nowhere near as bad as a lot of local waters though but when it comes to LDC I always want everything perfect, so 2ft of water would be greatly appreciated! 

Whilst I am fishing I will be doing as many short vlogs as I can. Covering Baits, rigs, rig placement, the washing line and anything else you guys would like me to ramble about, so comment on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn pages with requests and I'll do my best! 

Hopefully amongst all that I can catch a few of my targets too 😁

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