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Drought, my ramblings and catch shots.

In short the region is in a serious state!

I am pretty happy we have managed to keep our water at a safe level although I still expect at least a month of drought and that's if I'm lucky. The combination of measures we put in seem to have worked the best they can, oxygen levels are good even though water temperatures are over 24 degrees! Algae is next to non existent and the quantity of naturals in the lake has gone through the roof since last year with water snails, bloodworm and shrimp the main three. This has certainly made them hard to catch, last year I hadn't managed to establish any weed growth and a lot of the silt was pretty putrid. With the aerators, lime and Siltex applications we seem to be addressing that pretty quickly, I dread to think the amount of naturals we will have in here a couple of years down the line! Everyday I see bubblers everywhere and huge plumes of silt billowing up but as seems to be the case all over France at the minute they are less inclined to pick up a hookbait. As things eventually cool and it does one day rain again (it will rain again right?) those naturals will lessen and oxygen levels will go up as the temperature falls, that all adds up to an exciting end to the season. I'm sure we will see some big weights and some rare visitors to the bank. That being said the lads over the last few weeks have had a fair few crackers, here's some pictures below. Nic Brown, Lac du Coron.  

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