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Special moments and captures from 2017 Pt3

Back in the summer the Pottle gang arrived at Lac Du Coron. Conditions were hot and still and the fishing took some effort but Mike, Bill and Keiron kept the fish coming. Martin though was finding it tough, it just wasn't happening. 

Mid week though we had a good chat over a cold beer and hatched a new plan. After helping to get the rods out on the new spots I got the dinner on and a short while later I gave a quick shout to let them know that dinner was ready. Seconds later an alarm sounded and I Instantly noticed Martin's rod on the rest buckle round. 

I serious scrap ensued and all the lads gathered round as Martin got the better of a serious chunk we were all chuffed as things fell into place.  

After the pictures were done the fish was slipped back quickly and Martin was able to join the others at the table. Problem was as soon as he sat down the other rod rattled off! 

It wasn't as big as the 1st but it meant more action in the last 20 minutes that t he last 3 days. 

It's funny how these things go. 

Well done you guys. 

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