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March 10th - 24th catch report

I am a little behind on the catch reports from the last few weeks, so if you haven't been keeping up with all the goings on at Lac Du Coron then here are some galleries, just click left or right to scroll through.

A little overview. Conditions here have been harsh over the last month, huge swings in tempretures from -4 to +15. Easterly, Northerly and westerly winds, snow, rain and frosts.... All that being said it has fished very well with some very special fish hitting the net.

Every fish cught so far this reception is either a fish I don't recognise or has put on at least 3lbs, they are all thick set and full and all fighting like animals.

So, week starting March 10th saw Connor, Stewart and Jerry fishing in Rolo's, the Left Hand Double and The Right Hand Double.

There are a few pictures I am missing or couldn't be used, but heres plenty of crackers.

Last week saw Matt, Adam and Nathan on the lake. After a tough start not helped by the snow, the lads got their heads round the lake. All 3 landed PB's, all caught special fish and all left mates. I was lucky enough to get a few of them on camera. Have a look at the gallery.

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