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June 9th - 16th 2018, rain, carp, rain and more carp!

Well what a week that was, 3 days of rain with one day that was truely biblical! In 8 hours we had 90mm or rain and the lake came up withing 20 minutes, the pipe was opened again and we worked hard to get the level down as quickly as possible.

From a fishing point of view the week started oddly, the temperature dropped and the fish started spawning, not all of them but a few. That didn't stop the fish getting on the munch though as the bites started almost immediately. Even with the huge amount of water coming in and the temperature dropping by 7 degrees the bites continued all week, especially in Rolo's and The Channel with the lads having 32 of the 40 fish landed for the week.

The majority of the fish came to 20mm bottom baits over good beds of boilie, I must admit the average weight was pretty low but I think the heavy spawning got the smaller fish ravenous and as a result they were beating the big girls to the bait. All that being said though the lads had some cracking fish, here’s just a small selection below.

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