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Winter Success & winter Ticket 2019/2020 Season

As many of you will have seen on our Facebook page it has been another busy winter, lots of tree felling, path building, reed planting, stock pond digging, new swim designs, bridge building and much more.

As a result my fishing time has been limited, but over the last few weeks I have managed to get out on the bank and prove how exciting fishing during the winter months can be at Lac Du Coron.

I have managed 2 x 15 hour over nighters and an afternoon with the rods out whilst I did some work. The results have been great and this may well be tempting fate but I haven't blanked yet. I have also managed a couple of the special ones that I dearly wanted to catch this winter. Namely the heavy plated and the fully, but I have also managed a few biggens to over 40lbs. Take a look below.

The Winter Ticket

Many of you have been asking about a winter for the last few years and this year we are going to offer it as an option.

I will work very simply and will cover both Lac Du Coron and Lac Solace and will be purely drive and survive. Bait is available but there will not be any food packages available. All facilities will of course be open to you at both lakes.

The cost will be £400 per person and will cover unlimited trips between the second week of November until the end of February. We will set up a simple private Facebook group for winter ticket members to plan trips, check availability, split travel etc

If you want any further details email me here.


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