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Pb's all round!

Last week saw Matt and Brinn tackle Lac Du Coron. The lads hired the lake exclusively so ha the whole lake to themselves to wander and explore.

With conditions hot the week before with a lovely south westerly Adam, Stevie and Tommy really did well with 26 or so fish including a PB for Stevie; however as Matt and Brinn arrived the conditions changed, temperatures dropped slightly and more importantly the wind turned to the North East, not ideal!

That added up to mean things started off tricky. We found the odd fish but it was slow for the 1st 36hrs or so.

Tuesday morning though saw a change in conditions and with it Brinn got his string pulled with one of the new stockies at 18lbs and later in the day upped had a lovely long mid 20 male common.

The follwing night I managed to get my rods out too and after missing a screaming take after literally seconds of dropping the bait from the boat I had a quiet night, hearing a few but not turning them into takes. The next morning though I grabbed one of the rods and flicked it down the edge in Rolos, my gut said it was worth an hour. 25 minutes later I had a funny take and the fish had taken me into the trees, after a bit of a wade and some Fing and blinding I managed to get him out and slip then net under a tubby little mid double common, not a lump but still very welcome.

The following day Brinn weighed in another 2 30's, both PB's and real stunners.

Matt and I also had a good chat and he decided to change his rigs and approach, early the next morning I was very happy o hear the changes had paid off and a new PB was in the net, an absaloutely mint mirro of 38lbs caught down his left hand margin. I am sure you will agree its a cracker.

And the following day as well as a small original common he also landed the very very elusive Ghost common. a fish that has only been caught once since stocked when I was lucky enough to have him over a year ago. Matt landed the fish after taking off the blooming Ronnie Rigs and putting on low Jel-E-Wyre Multi Rigs and a dull food bait pop up. It was no surprise to me that the ghosty was nailed on this subtle presentation, something to think about for the 15 or so fish that are yet to be caught who are rare.

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