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Fish Care @ Lac Du Coron

Good to see the lads looking after the fish so well. Good time for a little reminder on how fish must be treated and taken from the water to the mat at Lac Du Coron...

It is really simple, when the fish is in the net get your mate or use the provided Net Stations to secure the net and let the fish take a breather whilst you get EVERYTHING sorted. We supply mats, water cans, retainers and Steri 7 fish care, make sure they are all in position and close to the mat BEFORE the fish comes out the water, make sure you have your scales ready and camera gear too.

Once all that is done wade out a few feet taking your retainer and break down the net. If you can unhook the fish in the net great, if not I bite the line so I don't have to worry about the rod. Then simply make sure the fins are flat to the body and slide the net into the retainer, zip the sides out, check the fins once more and lift the fish and net in the retainer onto the mat.

Nic Brown, Lac Du Coron #coronvibe

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