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April gets off to a great start!

With a few days left of the week I wanted to do a little update on Matt, Dan and Adam's week so far. Thursday is my day off so it is a good opportunity to get a little update done. Unfortunately we had a very sad loss in the family late last week so I will be back in the UK for a short while so this may be the last blog for a week or two.

Ok, so this is the lads first visit to Lac Du Coron and like it does most newcomers it took them a day or so to get to understand the lake and tweak spots, rigs and bait application. As the weather improved and they got things dialled in the bites started to come and there have been some crackers amongsth them. A mixture of the 2 house baits and the matching pop ups doing very well plus Aqua Dynamix The Edge also scoring well in The Double. Here's a few fish from the week so far.

Be lucky, Nic, Lac Du Coron

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