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It has been another great weeks fishing at Lac Du Coron.

Carl and Wayne had the lake to themselves and fished really well to have an awesome haul of carp! The guys started in in The Double and went heavy on night one putting in over 20kg of whole and chopped boile. Maybe not surprisingly Saturday night went by uneventfully, as did most of Sunday, but late Sunday afternoon the bites started to come, and they came thick and fast from then on. On Tuesday Carl moved into Rolo's from the Left Hand Double to ensure the fish didn't start holding up at that end and that worked well and kept the bites coming for both anglers. Have a look below for a great selection of catch shots.

Here is a quick review from Carl....

"Had a great week catching plenty of fish, Well run fishery, great host, lovely stock of fish. Healthy strong clean fish and all the amenities situated in a gorgeous part of France all you could ask for."

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