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Life after spawning!

There is a reason we call March/April and early May 'clubbing season' is pretty easy to understand with big carp from all over Europe on social media and in the magazines. As they wake up from their winter slumber it always takes them a month or so to be totally on ther guard. But after spawning in my exoeriance things always change after winter, banker baits, colours and methods often seem to become redundant and new baits and methods are called for, it always seems a tad trickier too!

Unlike many waters in France we schedule a 2 or 3 week close down for mid May hoping to give them peace and quiet as they spawn or at least shortly after so they can recover in peace and have a big free feed.

I did manage a morning to coincide with the Royal wedding and in a couple of hours fishing managed a spawned out 30lbs mirror. I gave them a good feed and was home for the cup final. Have a look at the video.

A week later I returned on the Friday night ready for our anglers to arrive on Saturday morning, the night went well!

After being done early on I went on to have an unknown 48lbs mirror, The Survivor Fish, a 30lbs common and another 2 20's, all on either Coron Special Pop Ups or 2 half Coron Specials on my Haula Rig that I detailed in my last blog.

Heres a live vid of the 48, plus a photo of The Survivor.

As planned, Huw, Steve and Dan arrived Saturday morning and went about catching a serious ammount of fish. They are well over 20 now and I have a lot more of their photos to download, but the below gallary gives you a little flavour.

Nic, Lac Du Coron

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