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The Start of the the story - Blog 1

As I write this it is early August and the sun is blazing down on Lac du Coron and its surrounding countryside, the grazing lands are all scorched, dry and dusty but the lake is a stark contrast with the woods, grasses and weeds glowing green.

As yet I still haven't wet a line at the lake, we have walked it a number of times and done a little film intro but the fishing is still to come. Luckily I won't have to wait long though as tonight is my 1st night fishing. I won't do the full night but will fish the afternoon and late evening until dark. All you fisherman will know that lakes and rivers take on a different character as the sun sets, some become even more tranquil, some edgy and some electric.... I have a feeling Lac du Coron will be the latter, but lets see.

As we have visited for the filming etc I have been baiting the entrance to the channel at the far end of the lake, the channel itself is only a few feet deep at the moment but they love it in there and it always seems murky as they grub around in the silt.

So in the mouth of the channel in about 4ft of water I have been putting in a fair bit of bread mash, tigers, Maize and some Pineapple and Banana boilie, they have probably had about 20kg in total and they already seems to be having a trough...

The fish in Lac du Coron have never actually been fished for so I am not 100% sure how they will react to it all, they have been left to their own devices since being stocked in the very early 90's so although they are pretty easy to find they don't hang around long, they are very aware you are there, so my well known Ninja skills will come into play for sure.

As I mentioned earlier we have filmed the intro now for the video blog Pt1 and the next few evenings fishing will also be filmed and included, so come the weekend our 1st video will be done and uploaded to the site so you can see for yourselves how special it is.

On a separate note I have also been exploring some of the local lakes and rivers and to be honest I am spoilt for choice with literally 1000's of acres of water to explore within a 45 minute drive. as you will have seen from The Adventure page there will soon be a video blog from my good self as I try and find, then land whatever carpy thing swims in these huge waters, one has really caught my eye and although it will require more Ninja action I really cant wait to give it a go, at an estimate I reckon it is about 400 acres, maybe more and it is just out there in the middle of nowhere like no one has ever set foot on its banks.

As you can tell, what with Lac du Coron and my own adventures I am literally buzzing for it all at the moment and look forward to keeping you up to date as things happen (or don't!)

Stay tuned for the video in the video blog section and please feel free to drop me a line through the contact form on the site or email us at

Speak soon and be lucky


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