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We are under way. Learning the lake - Blog 2

Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to read blog 2.

Things have really kicked off here over the last few weeks with some serious work going on down at the lake to ensure we are well and truly ready by the end of April next year and our very 1st guests.

At the moment Lac du Coron is definitely on track to be ready for my personal deadline which is the end of February next year. I have set this date because I would like March at the lake to be super quiet and chilled so the fish and the environment can really flourish. Basically out here Spring starts 3 weeks to a month earlier than in the UK and Autumn runs about 3 weeks to a month later, so March will really see the colour coming on the trees and the grass, lillies and flowers starting to appear, I don't want to be crashing around in 4x4's and still digging swims at that point, the only reason I will be down there is to feed them their bi daily feed, and they get plenty of it. At the moment it consists of 60% Maize, 20% Wheat and 20% boilie which has so far been Dynamite Baits The Source and Spicy Tuna.

That means that come our 1st guests in April, May and June those fish will be totally unpressured eating machines and I am sure will give those anglers booked on a brilliant week.

So, what has happened since Blog 1, mainly tree clearing and learning the lake further. I have cleared about 60% of the mangrove now at the end of the channel leading into Lodge Bay, this has importantly let a huge amount of sunlight flood into the area as well as allowing a North westerly wind to flow unimpeded down the lake which has in turn increased oxygen in the water and had the bonus of moving the fish around the lake. It has taken a lot of blood sweat and tears to get this far but I am looking forward to getting it all cleared ready for the water level to be brought back up at the end of November.

I have also spent a lot of time walking the woods confirming in my head exactly where the swims will be, where gives the best opportunities for bites, won't encroach on the angler next door and importantly where feels spot on for a swim to be tucked away, I have a feeling the wides will be a hugely popular swim, not just because of the water in controls but also how tucked away the swim is going to be, but I will show you that one next month. It has been whilst I work out these swim positions that I decided to move the channel swim further up the channel, I had originally thought it would be in the mouth of the channel where I was fishing in the Blog 1 video but after lots of wading and boating I have decided to put it 10 meters further up the channel, this gives the swim less width but actually allows the angler to cast or wade all the way up the channel as well as a the far margin opposite giving the swim lots more water. I have even done a rather basic phone video selfie to explain a little more and put it in pictures which I hope helps.

On top of all that I have been regularly wading and swimming the lake and learning the lake bed in particular, one thing that has really amazed me is the size and quantity of swan mussels in the lake, there are simply 1000's of them in the silt, especially in front of 'Rolos' and in front of the channel swim, so although I think everyone will want to clip the far tree line I reckon open water will be neglected a bit by many, but we will see.

The next month is also a very busy month, especially for my media company Impact Angling Media, we are lucky to work closely with Dynamite Baits EU and as a result for the last few years have filmed and documented the World Carp Classic on their behalf at the stunning Lago Bolsena in Italy. This year sees me heading directly across France to Lac de Madine for the 2015 event where we will be creating a daily show from the banks of the mighty lake.

As soon as I get back work will continue on the lake with my good mate Mark Wallis coming out to lend a hugely appreciated hand and I will also be having my 1st go on my chosen public water. I have visited many places since arriving for a look, some I could fish, some I couldn't but some waters just grab you instantly don’t they? Well this massive slab of water certainly has and I am literally buzzing to fish it for the 1st time, god knows what, if anything we will catch but we will certainly give it a right good go. Ill be trickling in as much of the Monster Tiger Nut as I can between now and then and I hope we have something special to report at the end of October.

So that just about wraps blog 2 up from Lac du Coron, tomorrow will see me do my first night at Lac du Coron (I am going to fish Rolo's) and I will have the video camera with me so hopefully that fishing action will be included in video blog 2 out next weekend.

Until then be lucky, Nic Brown

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