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Meet the Stock Part 3

As many of you know I have recently been doing these little blogs just to show you the quality of the stock we have been adding to Lac du Coron.

We have started from the smaller fish to show you that Lac du Coron is far more than just a big fish water. In my eyes catching 3 or 4 pig ugly doubles or low 20's amongst your bigger fish during the week wouldn't be that desirable, catch 3 or 4 little stunners and that’s a different story. So these smaller fish are all real lookers with huge potential to not only be big but to be stunners too. It also means that we have different strains moving forward and different age groups so as the fish start to spawn we have an incredible strong future.

This weekend we visited a small lake drainage where we had heard there were upper double and low 20 fish and some of them were really scaly. If we didn’t get them early they would end up on the dinner table, that isn’t a problem, we are in France, that is their culture, but it would be a shame to miss out on some and re home them in Coron.

Long story short we found some real stunners, yes they hadn't been handled with 'kid gloves' but after a few months recuperation in their new home I am sure they will be totally strong and fighting fit.

In total we brought 14 fish up to 27lbs, all hand-picked and all great additions to the bigger girls in Lac du Coron.

So over the next few weeks we will bring you some photos of these stunners, I am sure some will go on you wish list.

Let’s start with this stunner, a true fully scaled mirror at over 25lbs, not much needs saying on this one, great condition, very strong and a really heavy build, a special fish no doubt.

I also wanted to show you this one, not huge at 16lbs but it is a really long and currently very lean fish, after getting on the feed he will really fill out and I am sure he will be 22+lbs by the time you guys arrive in late April. I loved the half lin scale pattern on this one too.

So there we go, a few more to add to your wish list.


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