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Another new 40 & another PB

Alex fishing the Left Hand Double landed a stunning new 40 yesterday at 45lbs and ounces and a new PB. Thats 7 or 8 new PB's in our first 5 weeks.

Conditions so far this week have been testing to say the least with monsoon like rains hitting the area for the past 5 or 6 days. Dams and rivers in the area are bursting their banks and Lac Du Coron has faired no

better with thousands of gallons of water crashing into the lake, even with the outflow pipes open we were overwhelmed for 2 or 3 days and the water rose into The Double Swim and over the paths. The ground water level was already so high and saturated that there was no where for it to go and we have standing water everywhere. To see the water coming in click HERE to see the video

The fish also started spawning really hard again last Friday and continued until Monday morning, there are probably still a few left to spawn.

The rain has slowed down now and the pipes are still wide open so I expect the levels to return to normal early next week, the mud it has left will last a fair bit longer.

The guys have had several fish between them now as of last night including a few upper 20's, 30's and this big 40's.

Better pics and updates later in the week.


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