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As we enter our 1st Rest Week it is time for a look back!

Well what a brilliant 1st few weeks we have had over at Lac Du Coron. After months of back breaking work we eventually opened our gates at the end of April, since then we have had over 20 anglers, 1 50 pounder, 13 different 40's, loads and lods of 30's and plenty of 20's and by my calculations there are still 25 fish or more that haven't even been caught yet.

As I write this we have a moment of calm, 5 anglers have just left and for the 1st time in 7 weeks I locked the gates behind me when I left as we start our 1st rest week. These rest weeks are there for a couple of reasons, firstly and most importantly to give the fish a break from pressure and bait. It is my opinion that constant out and out pressure throughout the year is a negative to fish health, water quality and growth rates, only time will tell but I fully expect these weeks to be very important in our development, so much so that I have put aside 6 rest weeks for next year.

So I thought now would be a great time to look at just a handful of the awesome captures from Lac Du Coron in our opening few weeks.

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