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A Night In The Woods

We planned on doing Wednesday night but after a few hours of torrential rain it just didn't feel great and to be honest it was bloody miserable, so after a chat with Matt we decided to head home for a warm dinner and meet back at Lac du Coron the following afternoon to have a proper go.

It was a fast and furious little session, here is a little video showing a bit of how we got on, including a Lac du Coron chunk.

All of my fish bar one came to Dynamite Baits 16mm Butyric-C Pop Ups fished over 2 kg of 20mm Coron Specials per fish.

Rigs were low Multi Rigs on 18lbs Atomic Tackle Stiffun and size 6 Sabre Hooks. Matts were on Spicy Tuna and Pineapple Snowman/KD rigs on stiff hooklinks over lots of 20mm Spicy Tuna.


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