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Week 4 coming to and end.

Well this week has certainly been a tough one.

With the fish pre occupied on the incredible amount of naturals at the moment and with sex on the mind it has been slow.

It took a few days for the 1st fish to be landed after a couple of lost fish and what a stunner it was. Ash in the Left Hand Double got the ball rolling with the gorgeous Baby Zip at a fraction over 27lbs, caught on a 35lbs Jel-E-Wyre Multi Rig and one of the Dynamite Baits Butyric-C Pop Ups that we sell on site.

Things started to slowly pick up from there with Juds in the Right Hand Double, and Graeme in the Rolos both checking in with some cracking looking fish. Juds pictures are on his camera so I will get those at the end of the week.

For Ash especially things have stayed steady with 7 fish now including and topped by what I refer to as one of the immaculate commons at 32lbs.

It has been a very interesting week to watch the lake change. The 1st thing I have noticed is that the bite times have totally changed. Over the last month or so there were a few banked during the day but the vast majority were between 8pm and 11. This week it has totally changed to early morning, 5am to 8am with the fish really showing themselves after dinner and before dark with some huge fish crashing clear of the water in the back of The Double and The Channel.

I also think that the open water needs to be fished. The tree line in between Rolo's and The Double was a total banker for the last month with 50% of the captures coming from that set of snags. This week that has totally slowed up with only a couple of botes coming from that area and a handful from the back bank. But I have certainly seen more activity on the open water, especialy infront of swim 1, with huge sheets of bubbles coming up from the silt, maybe something to think about for those visiting us soon.

Anyway, I will leave it there, fingers crossed some chunks show themselves tonight!


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