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Lac du Coron Completes Winter Stocking with 75 Incredible Carp!

The stunning Lac du Coron in central west France has received its final stocking of the winter with 75 young, fit and stunning carp.

Lac du Coron is a new water and opens its doors for the first time at the end of April this year. An incredibly mature, rich and healthy water Lac du Coron is set to be one of the most talked about French waters of the year and the quality of the fish stocked will play a major part in that.

Commenting on Lac du Corons stock Nic Brown said:

'The stocking of these incredible fish starts a major new chapter in the life of Lac du Coron. This gorgeous lake has been left to father time for over 25 years and has matured and developed into a special place, surrounded by huge Oaks, wildflowers and shrubs I was very keen to ensure I didn’t go down the route of just filling the lake with the biggest fish I could find and forgetting their looks, Lac du Coron is not about huge pale fish, the fish need to be as special as the environment. Of course they need to be big, but they need to look amazing too.

With these new fish I think we have done just that and added to this great lake.

Our stock of fish is now around 120, 3 over 50 lbs, loads of 40's and a brilliant head of 35lb + fish on top of the awesome 20's and low 30's.

With the lodge, BBQ's and stalking area I am really proud of what we are molding here at Lac du Coron.'

You can find out more about Lac du Coron by visiting, visiting their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts or by calling Nic and Sharon on +33 7877 05222


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