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A few words from our visitors

We have asked a few recent visitors to Coron for a line or two on why they love it and what keeps them coming back.

Let's start with Lovell Morgan...

"Not sure where else in france i can catch ones that look like this."

"Loved the place, such a relaxed vibe with cracking fish and great food. Can't wait to get back. The bait isn't half bad too 👍👍" Mark Watson

Juds McCombe said....

"Coron is a place for peace and quiet set just south of the Loire. Holds some big scaley unique carp like an old English estate lake. Food & facilities are bang on and you're left to do your own thing."

"Always look forward to visiting Coron. It never disappoints." Dan Harrison

"There’s just something about the place, ticks every box for me." Matt Wallace

"I have immensely enjoyed my trips to Coron. The fishing is excellent and with a bit of thought applied you can keep the action consistent in the most part." Scott Hawkins

"For someone who enjoys a simple float set up, I’ve lost count of the number of hours I have enjoyed chasing lovely carp in the tranquil settings of Croron." Ross Mcleavey

"Coron is a place like I have never experienced, you could be any where, the fishing, the quality of fish and of course Nic will see me return year on year." Mark Keen

"I honestly had the most fun iv had in ages stalking big French carp under my feet , had some very memorable capture both in how I caught them and how awesome the carp were 😎🤩

I booked to go back within a week of being back home!

only 13 more weeks till I’m back doing the same 😎" Jay Clayton

Coron offers a lot, but the best thing is when those fish want to hide they will. Hand placing a rig 1” from the bank and sitting on your hands is the best fishing!" Jake Ramashaw

Dan Hammond. "Never fished a venue before with such a variety of amazing looking carp. You never know what's next."

"There was 3 of us fishing on Coron in April resulting in over 25 plus fish caught for the week.

Great times and great memories created in a beautiful setting”. Adam Mees

Been on both venues both as good as each other, Nic is a fountain of knowledge, look forward to another visit. Fish stocks are exemplary! Steve Mitchell. Steve Mitchell


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