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Things are picking up.

After a slow start things have eventually started to pick up at Lac du Coron.

The better fish are still pretty elusive but at least they are mega active.

A couple of the guys have quite rightly come for a relaxing holiday and getting the rods out is not the priority but when he does fish Harry seems to have a little spot going in the left hand Double just a short flick under the trees. He is now on 4 fish with a couple of upper 20's a 20lbs original and a little baby original. So although well below the average it is a start.

I was also having a chat with Terry who is fishing Rolos yesterday evening when his right hand rod pulled up tight and an epic battle ensued. Long story short I ended up having a bit of a swim to remove him from the snags, again not a biggen but a cracker all the same.

Hopefully more to report when I get back this evening.


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