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Who would be a fishery owner!?

Well, the last few months, well 8 months really have been difficult from a management point of view and nature has been at the heart of pretty much all of it!

As those that follow my blogs and posts will have seen it is as dry as a bone here and quite incredibly has been since early June last year, basically 12 months with next to no rain.

We had a small amount in late February, but that is honestly all we have had. Incredible really when you think how I never stopped moaning last spring as it never stopped pissing it down! All this being said a combination of incredibly hot weather for the time of year, no rain and a huge amount of trees drinking from lake and the levels are well down already. In reality the lake is at the level I’d expect for late August. Bit of a worry really, but you never know, it may be the wettest summer on record!

Another thing that didn’t help was our fiends the Coypu. As soon as the level did try and rise in late winter I found 3 bloody great holes in the dam which I wasn’t able to fix for 10 days. I did all I could to slow it down in that period but we still lost half a foot which

when you look at it now was a pretty big deal. Many of you will have seen that Matt, Huw and I worked bloody hard in the winter with our neighbouring farmer to install a new water system, ditches, pipes and filtration systems. It would be nice to see them have the chance to work!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking for sympathy or an internet cuddle, but for a lot of people they think running a carp fishery is all laid back and stress free, let me assure you, it isn’t! Don’t get me wrong though, I wouldn’t swap it for the world!

So what does all this mean? Well not a huge amount just yet, the main thing of note is that the top of the new section is now empty and the far end of the Channel is getting close to the point where only the little originals are comfortable getting all the way down there. We will keep you up to date on the effects of the drought, but keep your fingers crossed we get some serious rain soon!

So, the fishing. Well the fishing has been tricky of late mainly due to the incredible heat and the fact that they spawned 4 times, yes you read that right!

The results have certainly slowed down from the catches early in the season, but with 35 degrees + for the last 3 weeks you cant really expect anything else. It is worth looking at these stats for June 20th over the last 8 years or so. On June 20th this year it was 41 degrees so you can see how unprecedented that temperature is. It fished its nuts off this time last year and I have no doubt it will fish its nuts off next June as they replenish themselves after spawning. We will just have to take this crazy 12 months on the chin and look forward to a bit of normality and loads and loads of rain. One thing I can say is that I will never moan about the rain again!

All that being said we have still had plenty of happy customers, cracking fish and very humbling reviews, here are just a few of them.


What a great venue! What a great owner! During one of the hottest weeks I have ever experienced (up to 45 degrees), my son and I still managed 5 cracking fish (up to 32.8). The lake, owner, food, facilities and scenery were excellent. Will definitely be back, more than once. Can't rate this place highly enough!! - Ben Clow

Lac du Coron is an incredible place and I urge everyone to check out the lake. Amazing carp, great food (if you go for the food package) and such a great owner!

Will definitely be returning ASAP!

Jordan Clow

A few catch shots

Be lucky and speak soon.

Nic Brown

Lac Du Coron


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