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Colonel Cluster Banked in Tough Conditions

After 12 weeks of incredibly hot weather and even longer without rain a change in conditions has been needed in a big way.

Unfortunately for the guys over the last days that change has come very very quickly. Still no rain but a fall in day time temperatures of nearly 20 degrees and 10 degrees at night has shocked the fish a bit and the fishing has really struggled.

That being said Nathan had the mid 20 common and new PB on Monday, Stuart had that cracker and PB yesterday and now Kieron has joined in with the rather special Colonel Cluster at mid 30’s, I even managed a couple on Monday night, so although it is very slow there are still crackers to be caught.

Kieron asked me to come do the pics which I am always happy to do, so here he is, Colnol Cluster from open water in the Right Hand Double caught on a double 15mm Coron Special.

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